2004 10 08

Britney Spears has gotten a divorce of sorts - she's parted ways with her longtime manager, Larry Rudolph, who's been working with her since she was 15. Meanwhile, an auction went up on eBay for what the seller claimed were the singer's wedding-night undies. "I was lucky enough to be working at the wedding and I got to take home some amazing Britney memorabilia," the seller claimed. The auction, however, after reaching bids in the hundreds of dollars, has been taken down. (Photo: BMG)

Joss Stone has revealed she suffers from a mild form of dyslexia. The singer, currently enjoying massive success with her second album "Mind body and Soul" apparently had a hard time at school due to her reading difficulties. She said: "It wasn't that I was thick. The fact is that I'm a little bit dyslexic and I wasn't very academic. I'm more artistic." (Official homepage) logo